Finding the red flags in your key contracts, before they strike.

Not just the legal stuff – we cover the operationally meaningful areas.
A portfolio of IT contracts often needs some attention > The output dashboard (‘red grid’) immediately shows where your exposures lie > We always find red flags, even when contracts have been internally reviewed
Our review process is an easy way to start addressing the risks. Just send us the contracts to review, we revert in plain English and take you through why it’s red flag and what the impact can be.


  • No nasty surprises – intel to act now and mitigate risks before they strike
  • More power to negotiate with suppliers, with more negotiation points
  • Better alignment with ITIL v3.0 Supplier Management


Dealing with technology suppliers day in day out, our experts have the experience to know what is (and isn’t) fair and best practice in the commercial and service terms, as well as the legal terms. They know ‘what good looks like’ in every sub category of technology spend, and where all the traps lie in IT and telco contracts.

Some areas we check:

  1. Is the service still in use as per the contract? Does a live contract exist?
  2. Can we see clarity of pricing and usable SLA’s?
  3. How is Data protection & GDPR compliance?
  4. Are there good exit terms?
  5. And several more key operational areas…
The dashboard reveals the key risks lurking within each supplier contract, which can form the basis for a pro active response such as supplier negotiations, contract redrafts or new schedules.