Turnstone offer four areas of project support, from preparation and groundwork through to ongoing management during and after the run phase.

Business Analysis

Our qualified BA’s make a real difference, establishing the groundwork for a successful project – documenting business needs and finding solutions to business problems.

Our specialists know how to work with your stakeholders, to facilitate progress and definition.

• Feasibility study / proof of concept
• Identifying and evaluating options for system improvements
• Business areas for improvement, identifying specific levers

Process Mapping

There are many triggers for reviewing business processes – a new software system, an acquisition, or recurring operational problems.

Mapping helps design your target operating model, for how the business wishes to operate in the future.


• See what is currently happening, how and why – often with some quick wins
• The reference blueprint for subsequent changes or new IT systems
• Engage the business and build a firm foundation for communications and training

Processes are captured in an easy to understand graphical approach, for ease of sharing and updating.

“Once something is measured, it can be managed and improved”

Turnstone provides industry leading experts to run the sessions, with facilitated workshops.

Project Assurance

A key role to track that all your workstreams and activities are correctly set up and under way.
The practical Turnstone methodology ensures 360 degree coverage:-

– Team Leadership
– Workstream management and resourcing
– Key deliverables
– Planning (detail and ‘plan on a page’)
– Stakeholder Management
– Scope control
– Budget vs Actual
– Business Case tracking
– Reporting & MI
– Risk Management

Our assessors are seasoned practitioners, not ‘doing tick box’ management, but with the experience and approach to succeed.

Change Management

And if you are changing how many people work, we recommend deploying one of our Change Management practitioners.

Ensure an IT or digital programme delivers the business benefits, not just the technology benefits.
Change Management addresses the human factors fundamental to success.
It helps understanding and planning, and to articulate the question of ‘what’s in it for me?’ for all participants.

Our methodology provides a tangible set of deliverables, including:-

1. Vision workshop
2. Business readiness assessment
3. Communications strategy and plan

Embracing Change

A business which is motivated and genuinely ready, with communications, role changes, training and senior management / stakeholders all in place will embrace change more successfully.


We start with a change readiness assessment (CRA), often with board level engagement.
This helps your programme gain and maintain the senior sponsorship it needs.

We have years of experience managing change in uncertain environments.
The approach is systematic, with tangible outputs for every stage.
Our experts bring the approach to engage, communicate and plan the transformation.