NOA Outsourced Applications Management Special Interest Group Seminar: Turnstone presentation outline

OpenSource Software and Clowd or Crowd were the topics of the Outsourced Applications Management Special Interest Group Seminar, held by the National Outsourcing Association (NOA), on the 5th of September.¬†Turnstone’s David Brook, Managing Director and Mike Hardy, IT Sourcing Consultant give a speech at this seminar, which was followed by a round-table discussion, chaired by Andy Rogers of the NOA Council.

An outline of both presentations is provided below:

Reducing Applications License costs – The move to OpenSource, what are the risks, issues and cost benefits?

  • What are the security implications?
  • Will it clash with some Cloud solutions?
  • Continuity issues for developers due to opensource software being changed at any time

Cloud Services РUsing Cloud or Crowd for applications maintenance, development and testing.  What are the risks and benefits?

  • Risks – Public versus private cloud?
  • How important is the availability to the client versus the escalation of costs?
  • What are the benefits of using PaaS over SaaS and IaaS?