Turnstone Webinar on Mobile Telephony

Our webinar was held on 26th March and presented by Tom Giblenn.

In brief the following topics were covered:

1.  The Changing Supplier Landscape – recent M&A activity by BT, 02 and Sky is changing supplier capabilities.  In the short term pressure being applied to the MNOs by the EC to drive down currently “unfair” carrier costs for roaming and international costs.

2.  MDM and Data Security – BES12 is becoming more of an MDM solution.  E-commerce/mobile money market was worth $12bn in 2014, forecast to be $7bn by 2019.

3.  Support – expectation that end user access is provided via a web portal for self service.

4.  BYOD – Software licensing needs to be considered for use on mobile devices.  Use of software through a VPN is likely to have a commercial impact.  A balance needs to be struck between IT departments restricting access to organisational data and the usability of mobile devices for staff.

5.  Voice and Data Coverage – merging of 02 and 3 infrastructure may provide coverage improvements.  Convergence of fixed and mobile technology means coverage moving from the inside to outside of the building is a priority.

6.  Billing and Management Information – avoid bill shock by providing end users with itemised billing via direct emails and access to management platforms.

7.  Account Management – throughout the selection process do find out if there are limitations on the allocation of dedicated account management and support staff, e.g. volume of connections.