Contract MOTs

Turnstone Services have officially patented the term ‘Contract MOT’ which aptly depicts one of Turnstone’s core services.

A Turnstone Contract MOT contains a 90 point check on existing contracts with a key risks and negotiation plan. An MOT will give you a thorough insight into your key exposures as well as a detailed re-negotiation strategy to fix them.

Add into the mix the cost benchmarking feature, showing you how much you should be paying for goods and services, the Turnstone MOT gives peace of mind and commercial acumen to all negotiations.

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eWorld Presentation 22 September

Discussing hot topics, Buying Cloud and Vendor Management, MD David Brook Sourcing Consultant Tom Giblenn’s seminar was well received and garnered considerable interest.

Areas of particular audience engagement included the increasing involvement with strategic suppliers and segmenting the supplier base, building the business case and structuring the benefits beyond savings to include supplier performance management and service innovation.

All in all, It was a good opportunity to network with sponsors and exhibitors,  as well as potential clients and the the general level of attendee involvement was high.