At a glance

  • £19m savings
  • Ability to include to SaaS
  • Enhanced service levels and greater scalability
  • OJEU compliant process
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3rd Generation Full IT Outsourcing Re-tender


Tube Lines Ltd

A subsidiary of Transport for London, Tube Lines is an asset-management company responsible for the maintenance, renewal and upgrade of the infrastructure of three London Underground lines.


The company wished to re-tender their major IT outsource deal, consolidating from two suppliers down to one. It also needed options to move from traditional licensing models to SaaS over time.

These requirements had to follow the OJEU public procurement process, a complex process for which the company needed specific resources and expertise. Turnstone was engaged to support the company in this Project.

Key Business Benefits:


 Cost savings:

  • £19m reduction in costs over the term of the contract

Commercial benefits:

  • Provision of clear deliverables for every area of service, matched against Service Levels and KPIs, with associated service credits
  • Enhanced service levels and greater scalability
  • Contractual terms included for mid-term change of the licensing structure to SaaS
  • Smooth implementation achieved with the chosen vendor
The Turnstone Approach:


Turnstone experts worked closely with the client team throughout the Project, from inception, through advising on procurement strategy, use of the OJEU process, structure of requirements, to evaluation, guiding them and ensuring all required OJEU timescales were observed.

Initially, key commercial terms were included in the tender, to avoid lengthy negotiations at later stages.

The team provided all the appropriate information to bidders, eliciting bids from 6 vendors.

Turnstone facilitated the evaluation and scoring phases. As a result, auditable quality scores were produced for each vendor.

The competitive dialogue resulted in best and final offers from two vendors. All pricing and commercial points were captured in the final agreement.