At a glance

  • £250k business-critical finance software
  • 250 users over several sites
  • Involvement and training of all users through real ‘use cases’
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Core Financial System Selection and Contract Negotiation


Sea Containers

Sea Containers has two main business areas: transport and container leasing, operating one of the largest marine container fleets in the world through GE SeaCo.



The central Accounts Payable department of the company had used a manual, paper-based invoice authorisation process for multiple business units for years.

The client required an electronic workflow-based process and software to replace the paper-based finance system with 250 users over several sites.

Key Business Benefits:



Commercial benefits:

The project was successful with 100% uptime and invoice accuracy, on budget, and on time, with the following results:

  • A new electronic system for the finance department in place
  • Operational efficiency benefits from the software greater than predicted
  • The new system was widely accepted by all the users
The Turnstone Approach:


Turnstone provided support in choosing the right system for the multi-subsidiary company, within a multi-currency environment.

The company already had one vendor some way down the sales path before the project started. However, the rigorous selection process managed by Turnstone experts revealed a more suitable software provider.

The RFP ensured that the detailed requirements for service and service levels were answered by all the bidders.

The proposed software was fully tested during the RFP using scenarios (use cases), to ensure the chosen software could support all the processes. Users were involved throughout the whole project, helping to foster buy-in to the new software and processes.

Turnstone managed the process on the client’s behalf, enabling the company’s resources to continue with other strategic projects, but retaining all key decisions.

“Turnstone brought good objectivity to the process, which revealed the most suitable software to fit our complex environment. They provided invaluable support and helped the project to succeed.”

George Rogers,
Head of Accounts Payable