At a glance

  • Consolidated hardware and software resellers from 2-8
  • Fast tender process undertaken
  • 9% reduction in vendor mark-up costs
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HW and SW Reseller Consolidation


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The client had naturally evolved to a situation where several IT vendors were providing overlapping services.

A consolidation exercise was required to both streamline the supplier base and to formalise supplier contracts to assure service quality. The client had limited internal resources available for the project.

Key Business Benefits:

Cost savings:

  • 9% reduction in the mark-up costs

Commercial benefits:

  • Two preferred suppliers to manage, down from eight
  • Defined Service Levels and Account Management, ensuring supplier accountability
  • Enhanced contract terms

This was achieved without business disruption, enabling the client team to stay focused on BAU.

The Turnstone Approach:

Turnstone were deployed to run a tender process on the client’s behalf. The team of experts supplied the following services:

  • Provision of a template requirements structure, for ease of data gathering
  • Negotiation of all requirements into the end contracts – both technical and commercial elements
  • Focus on future as well as immediate cost savings