At a glance

  • Improvement in IT managers’ approach to suppliers
  • Courses focused on Land Securities IT supplier base
  • Blend of theory and real-life examples
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Commercial Training for IT Team


Land Securities

Land Securities is the largest commercial property company in the UK and the leading British property development and investment company headquartered in Central London.


The company’s IT function requested commercial IT training to improve staff skills in this area. Individual IT managers had managed their suppliers using best endeavours and personal experience, without any formal IT Procurement training.

Managers had little time to go on training, needing immediate advice on managing their own suppliers, rather than just theory. Additionally there were performance issues with specific vendors, but little formal structure around vendor management and performance monitoring.

Key Business Benefits:


Commercial Benefits:

  • Following the course, staff tracked their savings with a ‘totaliser’ on the wall which got up to £400k
  • Awareness of best practice and what can be achieved
  • New skills immediately used on upcoming vendor renewals
The Turnstone Approach:

Turnstone designed a 2-day course, split into half-day chunks, covering:

  • Contract principles, key clauses & SOW drafting techniques
  • The differences between purchasing hardware, software, services and telecoms
  • Negotiation – key principles and tactics
  • Ongoing vendor performance management

The courses mixed theory with real life experience, using Land Securities’ actual supplier contracts as examples. Course handouts contained ‘cut-out-and-keep’ sections.

Wendy Antaw, IS Programme Manager, Land Securities

"Turnstone ran a customised course for our IT managers, aimed at increasing their commercial and contractual skills, to enable them to deal more effectively with our portfolio of IT vendors.

I am confident my team is now more commercially skilled. The course was lively with a good blend of theory and practical examples from our own vendor portfolio.

I fully expect the investment to more than pay off over the year - a small improvement in our approach to our IT vendors, may well realise large improvements."