At a glance

  • 23% saved on Deployment and Run costs
  • Total savings of £1m
  • ROI of > 300%
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Data Centre Outsourcing


Confidential -  national standards institute

The client is a national institute, the world’s largest certification body and a leading global provider of standards, management systems, business improvement and regulatory approval information.


The client wished to outsource their data centre, requiring a safe and smooth transition, predictable running costs and flexibility to scale up and down.

Being a key project, the client wished to fully explore the commercial options and gain the best blend of services, costs and contractual terms. With an already stretched in-house team, the client elected to deploy Turnstone to support a market evaluation and tender.

Key Business Benefits:


Cost savings:

  • £1m, comprised of £850k running costs pa and £100k deployment.

Commercial benefits:

  • Electricity costs capped to 10% increase pa
  • 41% saving on additional hardware, worth £500k
  • Transition payment profile based on tangible deliverables
  • SMART Service Levels linked to Delay Deductions and Service Credits
  • Flexibility to increase or decrease requirements at known cost increments
The Turnstone Approach:

 Turnstone worked closely with the client’s IT and legal teams to produce the technical, service and commercial requirements.
To streamline the process, key T&C’s were ‘front loaded’ into the tender, saving time on subsequent final contract negotiations.
Progress was further accelerated by using Turnstone’s model documents. 
The team managed the vendors and their bids through the response, Q&A, evaluation and final contract phases.
Turnstone undertook the bulk of the workload, ensuring that the client was fully briefed to make the key decisions throughout the process.

“The results have been pleasing for us in the IT function and also well received at board level.  Turnstone helped to lower the proposed lifetime costs by 23%, and introduced many commercial improvements to gain us a more favourable contract.

After Turnstone left, all the upfront work has certainly paid off. Costs were predictable, transition flowed smoothly; the scope has stayed tight. We hit every milestone and cost point accurately."


Head of IT