At a glance

  • £426k saved (18%) over existing annual cost
  • Full estate refresh with better kit
  • Enhanced contract with co-termination and better lease
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Full Refresh of Laptop and Desktop Estate



DTZ is a global real estate adviser headquartered in London, employing over 10,000 people in 148 cities in 43 countries, operating in Europe, Middle East and Africa, Asia and the Americas.


The company had a disparate estate of laptops and desktops, including those inherited through an acquisition.

The business required a standardised, higher spec platform, to enable a new suite of applications and to allow hot-desking.

Key Business Benefits:


Cost savings:

  •  £426k saved (18%) over previous cost

Commercial benefits:

  •  Fixed unit price  for the duration of the contract
  • Benchmarking built in -  Dell must reduce their unit cost to match
  • Standardised PC image and deployment included within pricing and contract
  • Hot-desking business case worth more than £100k per annum in office space / no desktop move costs
  • New platform to support Vista and SAP rollout
The Turnstone Approach:

Based on DTZ’s requirements and scoring criteria, Turnstone facilitated a market tender, including kit samples for a user group to assess. The team undertook the evaluation and scoring phases, to arrive at an agreed quality score for each vendor.

Price negotiations were conducted, using a reverse internet auction tool to ensure fair market pricing and foster competition amongst the bidders.Turnstone ensured that all pricing agreements and negotiated points went into the end contract.

Furthermore, all associated costs of imaging, deployment, storage and removal were included in the pricing, such that there were no ‘nasty surprises’.