At a glance

  • 50% savings on contractors
  • 20% savings on licence costs
  • Significant contractual improvements
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HR Information System


Control Risks

Control Risks is a global risk and strategic consulting firm operating from 34 offices. It specialises in political, security and integrity risk in complex and hostile environments, providing services such as anti-corruption audits, consultancy and training.


Control Risks needed a new HR record system, which would provide efficient handling of HR information and keep employees’ records up-to-date. The new system would become a central repository for personnel and payroll data, supply information and statistics on all employees, thus allowing the management to determine how effectively human resources are managed.

Key Business Benefits:


Cost savings

  • 20% savings achieved on the licence costs
  • 50% savings achieved for the people in the business classified as contractors, consultants, temporary workers or interns
  • The licence costs will be reduced if usage increases.
  • The cost of the extra modules will be reduced if more modules are added.
  • The professional services tariff will be held for two years.

Commercial benefits

  • For continued breaches of warranty a higher service credit was agreed with the supplier (20%)
  • The notice period for warranties, disclaimers and exclusive remedy was increased from 5 to 10 days
  • A procedure for dispute resolution, including clear escalation levels, was added to the contract
  • A one-month money back guarantee was given in the contract if after 30 days the client is not absolutely happy with this system
  • A caveat that IPR indemnity is invalid if the latest version of the software is not used was removed from the contract
  • The number of days when the supplier can cancel a contract if an invoice is not paid on time was increased from 30 to 40
  • Liability cap made two way for this contract
The Turnstone Approach:

Oracle’s Fusion HRIS (Human Resource Information System) was selected to meet the HR needs of the client. Turnstone’s team of consultants helped the client to negotiate with the supplier, and numerous contractual improvements were achieved as a result.

IPR Indemnity was extended beyond monetary cap, i.e. unlimited liability for IPR Indemnity. Restrictions around re-assignment of licences were removed from the contract. The limitation of liability cap was increased, especially for the first year of business.

The team negotiated 10% of service credits for poor performance by the supplier. The clause around the supplier’s sole liability was re-drafted more precisely.

The definition of temporary people in the contract was redefined to suit Control Risks’ business purposes; force majeure was redefined to truly represent events that constitute force majeure. Provisions for terminating this service were added at Turnstone’s request.

“Turnstone supported us on a project to replace our HR-IS system. Turnstone was instrumental not only in securing significant cost savings but also in shifting the balance of risk significantly away from us - the customer to the supplier in the contract that was agreed.”

Elliot Daly
Head of Applications
Control Risks