At a glance

  • c.15% saving in the non-UK branches
  • c.£900,000 saving in the UK operations
  • Global consolidation of 20+ agreements into 3
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Microsoft Licences Consolidation & Selection of New Procurement Channels


Confidential - global security company

The client is a global risk and strategic consulting firm operating from 34 offices. It specialises in political, security and integrity risk in complex and hostile environments, providing services such as anti-corruption audits, consultancy, training, etc.


The client had multiple Microsoft Select and Enterprise contracts across the globe. More than 30 operating companies had entered into agreements with Microsoft.

The project was triggered by a future merger and a rapid consolidation of licences was required in advance. Dealing with a complex structure and a large number of legacy agreements, the team of experts was to deliver a streamlined procurement route and consolidated contract and licence estate.  

The project was to be fulfilled at the lowest possible cost, delivered within three months and in a way that would be repeatable following the merger, to replicate the process for the enlarged company.

Key Business Benefits:


Cost savings

  • c.15% saved across the globe
  • c.£900,000 saving in the UK

Commercial benefits

Global consolidation of 20+ agreements into 3 Major cost savings on support and maintenance costs Vastly improved management and control with absolute clarity on risk and compliance Trading relationship with Microsoft enhanced and revised to be at a centralised global level New relationships with a variety of global LARS, appointed to streamline purchasing and management effort.

The Turnstone Approach:

Turnstone team took on both the face-to- face negotiation and data validation with Microsoft.

They contacted the IT departments in the operating companies to validate requirements and licence estates against the Microsoft-produced Claret reports.

As a central point of contact, the team of experts liaised with the client’s technical and legal staff to devise the negotiation.  

The work was coordinated with all the parties involved - the client, Microsoft and a selection of global LARs, to align the interests of all the stakeholders.

Little or no savings are expected from projects with suppliers that enjoy monopoly position in the market, and Microsoft is one of them.

However, familiarity with Microsoft sales policy, understanding of the drivers behind it, and how this particular supplier structures their channels, enabled our experts to deliver real benefit.