At a glance

 £105k cash incentive
for a 2- year contract
 25% saving on
roaming data charges
 16GB for the price of


Pensions & Investment


The client is a specialist consultancy with a focus on quality and
innovation. A leading provider of pensions, investment and
business consulting with offices throughout Europe and the
Middle East.
The estate comprises over 300 mobile devices, including
iPhones, dongles and Blackberry’s, with on premise BES and
MDM solutions. The incumbent mobile telephony contracts
involved two networks and two management companies.
The client wished to consolidate a diverse estate, consider a
move away from Blackberry and explore infrastructure support
and options to deploy BYOD


Turnstone undertook a market review and an
evaluation process with 13 suppliers initially
considered and 9 invited to submit proposals.
These were assessed on weighted criteria
including cost, network coverage and BYOD
deployment experience.
Two suppliers were shortlisted for detailed
presentations. Turnstone then led the negotiation
and contracting stage with the winning supplier,
coordinating with the client’s legal team through
to final signature.

Key Business Benefits:

Cost savings

1. Line rental reduced from £36 to £22 per month
2. 16Gb for the price of 8Gb
3. Large hardware fund for a 2 year contract

Commercial benefits

1. A 2 year contract providing flexibility to respond to changes in the market
2. No upfront capital expenditure
3. Next day handset replacement
4. Warranty period of 24 months for all kit

The Turnstone Approach:

Turnstone executed a thorough mobile telephony review of the client's estate

“We run a lean IT operation and are
keen to do more but don’t need
resources on a full-time basis. That’s
why Turnstone’s ‘on-demand’ support
was appealing and fulfilled a real
“Overall very good-Turnstone
negotiated hard on our behalf and
their legal help was greatly
appreciated. The legal negotiation
side of things-particularly Tom’s
involvement made our life a lot easier.
The mobile landscape moves so
quickly and is so complicated it made
sense to work with people that are
skilled negotiators”