At a glance

  • 61% - £153k cost saving
  • Termination fees of £65k paid by the new supplier
  • An OJEU compliant process
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Mobile Phone Contract Renewal


Notting Hill Housing Trust

The Trust is part of the Notting Hill Housing Group, which joined three other housing associations in 2009.

Following the merger, the client inherited two suppliers of mobile phone services.


With a commercial deal from several years ago, and a sizeable fleet of 1,200 devices, there was good scope for improvement.

The client needed a robust OJEU public procurement tender to reduce the number of suppliers, maintain the existing service levels and improve contractual and commercial terms.

Key Business Benefits:


Cost savings:

  • £153k (61%), which comprised of £90k hardware and £63k reduced air time and rental cost

Commercial benefits:

The key service improvements included:

  • Termination costs of £65k paid for by the new supplier
  • Handset current and future contracts are now all co-terminus, allowing for ease of supplier change
  • Increased flexibility - reduced Minimum Handset holding reduced from 1200 to 700
  • Reduced line rental for voice handsets and discounted voice tariffs
  • Improved service levels with Service Charter
  • Title in all devices with the client Hardware support for new handsets
  • Further rebates for any new handsets added
The Turnstone Approach:

The consulting team managed the OJEU process from start to finish, utilising a Buying Solutions framework agreement.

Turnstone’s methodology ensured that the Trust gained maximum savings, without having to commit significant resources to the project, whilst remaining compliant with the guidelines.

Once the contract was signed, the client undertook implementation and the rollout. The client team was involved at key points such as shaping the requirements and final evaluation decisions.

“Turnstone conducted a robust mobile phone tender through a public procurement process.  They unlocked significant cost savings whilst improving service levels and account management.”


Martin Carpenter

Head of Central Services

Notting Hill Housing Trust