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Real time bandwidth changes

£500,000 savings achieved

Fully managed service with proactive network monitoring

Multi-lingual 24 x 7 chase the sun report

Resilient active-active links utilsing MPLS and internet connectivity

90 ms latency




LGC Group

LGC is an international life sciences measurement and testing company with leading positions in growing markets. LGC serves customers across a number of end markets including Pharmaceuticals, Agricultural Biotechnology, Food, Environment, Government and Academia.
The project remit was to undertake a thorough market review for the provision of Wide Area Network services.
The objective was to select a solution that would have the flexibility to scale up and down to match the changing demands of the business.

The incumbent WAN provider had been in place for more than 7 years and the services were no longer meeting expectations. A market review was completed to understand the opportunities to increase network performance, decrease the level of maintenance and shorten the time taken to make network changes and additions.



Turnstone worked with LGC in baselining the existing services and costs and assisted in writing a request for proposal. The supplier selection process included:
- Early supplier involvement
- Options for a technology refresh
- Aggregation and tier 1 suppliers
- Quantitative evaluation & scoring
- Price & contractual negotiations
Turnstone consultant Tom Giblenn worked closely with the IT, procurement, legal and finance departments.
The key selection criteria:
- Speed of deployment and configuration time
- Jitter and latency
- Cloud peering and cloud service offerings
- Load balancing and traffic prioritisation
- Security and encryption

Key Business Benefits:


* Bandwidth increase: suppliers can provide dynamic bandwidth management via a portal to make real time modifications to connection speeds
* Qos is offered in varying levels but 4 classes is typical
* Network fault detection and failover within 15 seconds
* Network function virtualisation can now provide virtualised images of routers and firewalls decreasing the need for onsite installation
* Jitter for video and voice limited to less than 1ms
* A deployment timeline of 6 to 7 months is typical for a global network of 30+ sites
* Packet delivery percentage should be in three 9s

The Turnstone Approach:

Turnstone undertook a thorough market RFP which addressed and synergised  the competing needs of both IT and Procurement

Requirements were structured to ensure easily comparable responses. To streamline subsequent negotiations, key commercial terms were included within the tender.

Commercial negotiations ensured a strong and fair contract. Turnstone was responsible for all the supplier management, presenting key decisions to Control Risks.

Turnstone delivered a well executed sourcing exercise which harmonised the synergy betwene IT and Procurement objectives.

The outcome of which was the identification of a supplier solution for LGC WAN replacement that met both the technical and commercial needs of the business.

Bob Alabaster, Head of Procurment, LGC