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Keeping IT costs down whilst managing the day to day workload can be challenging.  Maintaining

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Unearthing your hidden savings...

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Organisational Change & Strategy

In today's market, your capability and bandwidth for commercial IT negotiations are

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Beverley Downes, Head of Customer Services, Finance Wales

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Land Securities

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Notting Hill Housing Group

Royal Borough of Kingston

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Beverley Downes, Head of Customer Services, Finance Wales

Beverley Downes, Head of Customer Services, Finance Wales

“Turnstone helped us to reduce our ongoing costs whilst gaining greater value for money from the supplier.  They ensured that the process adhered to the rigorous public procurement regulations.”


Duncan Scott, CIO, DTZ
"We deployed Turnstone to effectively ‘outsource' our tendering process for a major telecommunications contract. The time saving enabled my team to focus on more strategic issues. Turnstone clearly added value to the end contract and also facilitated cost savings significantly in excess of their own fees."

Ed Mitchell, DTZ
"Appointing Turnstone to assist in the procurement process - was a great relief. Having some one who is dedicated to the task of getting the best deal for our company throughout the contract award/negotiation was a great idea, freeing me up to do my ‘day job'! Since the first successful project, we have continued to use Turnstone on other similar tasks."

Land Securities

Nick Foster, CIO Land Securities
"Turnstone played a key role in preparing for the demerger of our organisation.  They worked closely with our in-house IT and Procurement teams, providing extra capability and expertise in contract novations.  Their most valuable input, however, was in our commercial renegotiations.  They were able to reduce our budgeted expenditure on procurement to the extent that we were able to recover their fees"

Wendy Antaw - IS Manager, Land Securities
"Turnstone ran a customised course for our IT managers, aimed at increasing their commercial and contractual skills, to enable them to deal more effectively with our portfolio of IT vendors.
I am confident my team is now more commercially skilled. The course was lively with a good blend of theory and practical examples from our own vendor portfolio. I fully expect the investment to more than pay off over the year."

Silja Line

Eija Rasanen, Vice President, Silja Line
"Turnstone proved invaluable to the project. They kept our supplier costs down and reduced the admin hassle. They saved us €400k of consultant mandays by negotiating a rigorous contract with our supplier."

Steven Robson, CFO, Silja Line
“We were able to negotiate pretty good prices and terms ourselves, however we’ve been able to secure better prices and terms having deployed Turnstone. As a result we can control our suppliers better”

Trillium Property Partnerships

Adrian Perry, IT Infrastructure Manager

"We deployed Turnstone to run a major mid-term contract re-negotiation for our datacentre and disaster recovery provision. They worked closely with our in-house IT and procurement teams, and reduced the time spent by internal resources whilst communicating all key decision points. They enabled us to significantly reduce the proposed supplier costs, providing savings many times in excess of their fees."

UK Standards Agency

Head of Business Integration: “We engaged Turnstone to assist on our critical data centre outsource project. The results have been pleasing for us in the IT function and also well received at board level.  Turnstone helped to lower the proposed lifetime costs by 23%, and introduced many commercial improvements to gain us a more favourable contract. They took on much of the effort, working seamlessly with our IT staff and lawyers, acting as an extension of our team during this key procurement and contract negotiation process.”