GDPR Compliance Review

An external check of progress, across the full breadth of areas required for GDPR compliance.

We take a pragmatic approach, helping our clients see where they’ve got to, and what needs to happen next.

Our assessment covers all 16 areas of GDPR law, but in a down to earth and practical way.

We do see clients that have tackled some areas but not others, or who have had much expensive input from law firms but have found it to be ‘boilerplate’ rather than appropriate for their needs.

Our approach includes the mandatory information risk register, mapping the key data flows, and documenting interactions within the business and with third party suppliers.

A review gives our clients the reassurance they require, and provides an action plan for any gaps.

We also assist with the actions, with clients turning to us in areas such as:-

  • completing the mandatory RoPA document (Record of Processing Activities)
  • access to our library of model policies
  • ongoing staff training programmes
  • updates to their existing processĀ  / policy information

Do get in touch if you’d like to discuss your GDPR situation.