Laptops / End User Computing

24th March 2020

In terms of laptop stocks, one reseller reports that all laptops with Intel i3 and i5 chips are gone, and that’s it’s like the wild west. One client recently ordering laptops received a December 2020 delivery date from their provider.
Secondly, do not rely on stated manufacturer delivery dates for the future being reliable. Some of the more expensive i7 and higher end mobile workstations are still available.

With refurbished kit at the time of writing only the lower to mid range is available. Within the reseller market, lists are being published hourly, stock is highly volatile, so you will need to be decisive on what you want if stock does come up.

If you have recently bought new machines for Windows 10, and still have a stock of older Win7 machines, consider upgrading the OS to Win10. Most machines that can run Win 7 will manage Win 10.

Factories in China are not back up to full production, following shutdowns due to the Corona virus, and then the Chinese New Year.

There are more problems with displays, as majority of glass for IT displays is made in China.

Suppliers (Resellers) – Softcat, Bytes, Kelway, Computacenter, Insight, SHI, Probrand, CDW, Ultima, XMA, SCC,

Key Questions

  1. Find out from your suppliers where their stock is in the supply chain?
  2. Is it in China, in transit or in the UK?
  3. Do they have alternative sourcing from countries other than China?
  4. Are Chromebooks or MS Surface an alternative option?

Negotiation tips on laptop purchasing

  • Get pricing for imaging (the OS, all device drivers, all the software to be pre-loaded as standard)
  • Deployment services – make sure they are detailed (e.g. data migration, delivery)
  • Check stockholding / lead times
  • Lease vs purchase options
  • If lease, you can choose an operating lease vs capital lease
  • Some providers have lease options, else you can use a third party
  • Is asset tracking included?
  • Can the same build be assured for a period of time?
  • Address device disposal / secure erasure
  • Ancillaries – docking stations, screens, spare power cables, bags etc
  • Extended warranties, enhanced support
  • Link your pricing to a regular benchmark, such as IDC

Turnstone can assist you with the workload of contacting multiple resellers, to help scour the market as the stock situation changes.

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