Cost Reduction & Tendering

Keeping IT costs down whilst managing the day to day workload can be challenging.  Maintaining

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Discovery & Audit

Unearthing your hidden savings...

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Organisational Change & Strategy

In today's market, your capability and bandwidth for commercial IT negotiations are

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Cyber Security 360 review

An assessment of all security technology, processes and third parties, using the Turstone methodology to evaluate and score compared to best practice.


A clear enterprise wide picture of your all areas which relate to cyber security.

We include detailed review of security technologies, and go beyond, to cover people, processes and third parties.

These latter areas are increasingly common sources of intrusion

We Will

  • Provide an accredited specialist on site
  • Examine the full IT 'supply chain' of third parties and your contractual protections
  • Provide a report of the key areas to address

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