Cost Reduction & Tendering

Keeping IT costs down whilst managing the day to day workload can be challenging.  Maintaining

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Discovery & Audit

Unearthing your hidden savings...

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Organisational Change & Strategy

In today's market, your capability and bandwidth for commercial IT negotiations are

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Top 20 IT contracts review

The outputs from your review will clearly illustrate any exposures and the key risks 

Why? For clarity and awareness of key exposures within your IT contract portfolio:-

  • ‘No surprises’
  • Intel to act now and mitigate risks – including GDPR
  • Manage compliance and risk

We check 15 key areas (e.g. Data Protection, Disaster Recovery, Exit arrangements, GDPR) and often find a range of issues

Commercial IT Skills Builder


This course will enhance your commercial skills in buying IT goods and services, increase your confidence with vendors and ability to reduce cost. It will help you to manage the commercial risk inherent in any IT contract, through practical real world examples.

Key Benefits

1. Risk Mitigation: Understand key contractual clauses and their commercial implications. Reduce your exposure and risk of being caught out when disputes arise

2. Service Improvement and Cost Control: Ensure that service contracts deliver what they are meant to, learn the different cost mechanisms and how to use them to your favour

3. Reusable Materials: take away from the course a reference pack which you can use when preparing for, during and after your own vendor negotiations


  • IT managers and staff
  • Procurement Managers and Sourcing Specialists
  • Professionals whose role includes IT Vendor Management


  • IT Disasters: how not to buy IT
  • Business and Contractual risk management
  • The Procurement Process
  • Forming a Contract
    • Dangers such as the ‘accidental contract’ 
    • Key commercial terms and best practice clauses in IT contracts
    • Statements of Work and essential components
  • Specific IT spend categories
    • Software – the procurement checklist
    • Hardware agreements – looking beyond the kit
    • IT Services – ensuring your  implementations deliver on time, on budget, on quality
    • Telco’s - negotiating fixed line and mobile telephony contracts
  • Mid-term benchmarking and renegotiations
  • Overview of Vendor Performance Management

Course Dates

Mon 9th Aug 2010
Mon 6th Sep 2010
Mon 25th Oct 2010
Mon 15th Nov 2010


For course dates, pricing and discounts please see pages 10 to 11.
The booking form is at the back of this document, or you may call 0207 936 4374 to make credit card bookings.

IT Department Healthcheck

The pace of change within IT remains high, where an external review will ensure your organisation is optimised for current and future needs.


We help our clients to acheive the following benefits

  • Confidence that IT has the right people in the right roles
  • The right processes are in use and in line with best practice
  • Governance and organisation is optimised for the future

We Will

  • Deploy highly experienced CIO's that have been there
  • Understand where you are now, where you'd like to get to
  • Develop the roadmap for getting there

Procurement Courses

Former attendees Land Securities had this to say:-
"I am confident my team is now more commercially skilled. The course was lively with a good blend of theory and practical examples.

 I fully expect the investment to more than pay off over the year. A small improvement in our approach to our IT vendors realises large improvements."  

Wendy Antaw, Head of IS


Formal training in IT procurement is a rarity, but with supplier's sales teams being well resourced and constantly trained, this can put you at a commercial disadvantage.

Benefits and Features

Our short courses are just the thing to build your teams' commercial skills, to negotiate better deals and drive the best vendor performance.

- We focus on the intricacies and risks when buying IT services and goods.
- The 5 courses help you get the very best from your suppliers and IT budget.
- Our trainers are IT Procurement experts, CIPS qualified and with years of experience, dealing with IT suppliers day in, day out.

Courses are run onsite for clients, usually with 5 to 10 attendees. The course programme is selected from the 5 shown below - note that courses #1 and #2 are a useful foundation. All courses are one day long, please see the list below.

Course List

1. Commercial IT Skills Builder

This course will enhance your commercial skills in buying IT goods and services, increase your confidence with vendors and ability to reduce costs.  It will help to manage the commercial risk inherent in any IT contract, through practical real world examples. Click here for details.

2. IT Supplier Negotiation Skills

We explore each of the key stages, with the tools and techniques used at each stage. Through a process-based on facts, we remove emotion from the negotiating table and provide a structured approach.  Click here for details.

3. IT Outsourcing 

This can be a high risk and challenging area, with many examples of failed projects in the press.  This course outlines the fundamentals for ensuring a successful contract and project delivery, including the new world of SaaS contracts. Click here for details.

4.  Advanced Software Procurement

Understand the range of charging mechanisms used by vendors, including how they protect their revenue stream.  Gain practical advice on how to mitigate the commercial risk inherent in every software contract. Click here for details.

5.  IT Supplier Management

Your portfolio of IT suppliers requires careful management to extract the best value and keep your risk as low as possible.  Course delegates will gain the skills and techniques to drive exemplary performance from their suppliers. Click here for details.


For a full syllabus of Turnstone Bespoke Training Courses click here.

On Project Vendor Management

We provide commercial support to your Project Manager. We deal with the inevitable scope and contractual changes with the projects' suppliers.


The pace of change on a major project can mean that contractual arrangements quickly get out of date, leading to costly disagreements or delays later.


You avoid overpayments, maintain tight control of spend and clarity of deliverables.

We Will

  • Own and manage for the PM all of the supplier Statements of Work and Change Requests
  • Act as central knowledge base to answer any Project queries on contractual and commercial positions

Project Assurance

An external pair of eyes to regularly review progress on large IT delivery projects.


Large projects often experience difficulties, which an external and independent health check helps to address


Correct problems early, before they cost you or affect the timeline

We Will

  • QA your Economic, Process change, Technology and Human factors
  • Provide an impartial, balanced view to the Steering Group
  • Provide best practice and head off problems early

Client Quote

“The outcome has been an Enterprise level storage array that will meet Land Securities’ requirements for the foreseeable future at an extremely reasonable price.

Turnstone are a long standing trusted partner, providing valuable input at specific key points in the process”.

Craig O’Donnell
Head of Infrastructure Group IS

Top 20 IT contracts review

See where your key exposures lie and gain the decision support on what to do

Why? For clarity and awareness of key exposures within your IT contract portfolio:-

  • ‘No surprises’
  • Intel to act now and mitigate risks – including GDPR
  • Manage compliance and risk

We check 15 key areas (e.g. Data Protection, Disaster Recovery, Exit arrangements, GDPR) and often find a range of issues

Cyber Security 360 review

An assessment of all security technology, processes and third parties, using the Turstone methodology to evaluate and score compared to best practice.


A clear enterprise wide picture of your all areas which relate to cyber security.

We include detailed review of security technologies, and go beyond, to cover people, processes and third parties.

These latter areas are increasingly common sources of intrusion

We Will

  • Provide an accredited specialist on site
  • Examine the full IT 'supply chain' of third parties and your contractual protections
  • Provide a report of the key areas to address

Market Data Cost Savings

Our skilled practitioners are familiar with vendor offerings and the available discounts in this niche spend area.


Vendors can make negotiation seem difficult, in what is often a major budget item


You gain maximum cost reduction without jeopardising quality

We Will

  • Provide latest market rates
  • Familiarity of dealing with the vendors

Supplier Negotiations

Our consultants are out in the marketplace day in day out, so being well versed in vendor tactics, you gain the upper hand.


Tired of onerous negotiations, immovable vendors or high costs?


Professional negotiators with the time and training to drive the best commercial deal.

Our methodical approach will net you a more favourable contractual position, lower lifetime costs and we take on as much of the negotiating as you wish

Client Quote

“Turnstone negotiated on costs and parts of the contract that wouldn’t have occurred to us. In this way they were able to add value many times in excess of their fees.”

Matt Hill, Head of Business Change, Hydrogen Recruitment

IT Outsourcing Support

Outsourcing can be a major undertaking, with much work to define your requirements and select the best vendor.

We guide your team through the outsourcing process, from requirements to evaluation to contracting.

Familiar with all of the Tier 1 and Tier 2 suppliers, our experts will deliver a robust contract with the supplier, which best represents your interests and provides a smooth transition.

We can also provide support during the ongoing contract to monitor vendor performance and quickly nip any issues in the bud before they grow into problems.



Choosing an outsourcing partner is a vital but extremely time-consuming process.  Your team may be struggling to find the required time, or value some expert input on the best approach.


We act as a 'safe pair of hands' guiding you through the process.  We'll ensure cost certainty, defined performance levels and appropriate monitoring tools, with mechanisms to incentivise good performance.  We'll also structure the relationship with your chosen vendor to meet you future needs as well as current ones.

We Will

  • Support you in deciding the appropriate strategy, whether you are a public or private sector organisation
  • Streamline the end to end process to keep it on time and on budget
  • Ensure that all of your needs are covered within your requirements, and work with your legal team to keep these contractual
  • Help you to select the most appropriate vendor for your needs, with the right cultural fit with your organisation
  • Manage the ongoing vendor relationship to assure that the vendor continues to perform well at the best cost

Client Quote

“We deployed Turnstone to effectively ‘outsource’ our tendering process for a major telecommunications contract. The time saving enabled my team to focus on more strategic issues. Turnstone clearly added value to the end contract and also facilitated cost savings significantly in excess of their own fees.”

Duncan Scott

Vendor Management

  • Managing your whole portfolio of suppliers, year round, can be a lot of work
  • Often there is barely time for the top vendors
  • For the rest it's often reactive, on 'best endeavours' or left to technical staff

More organisations are now resourcing this key area:-
“Corporate success will increasingly be dictated by how well a company can control its supply base, create continuous performance improvement and identify and mitigate liabilities.”       Aberdeen Group


  • Supplier performance tends to slip if unmonitored
  • Renewals need planning and are easily missed
  • Unused services, scope creep or unpaid rebates can all increase costs
  • Your licensing position, risk and compliance are becoming more important
  • How to keep up with supplier innovation
  • Avoiding your team getting bogged down in supplier commercial matters

We will

Undertake these regular VM tasks:-

  1. Quarterly supplier performance meetings
  2. Managing supplier renewals
  3. Maintaining the forward plan of activity
  4. Managing supplier exits
  5. Checking new contracts before signature
  6. Reviewing existing contracts for gaps
  7. Creating or negotiating key documents
  8. Engaging with your stakeholders for background & needs

One Off

  1. Indexing all IT contracts, logging key dates and stakeholders
  2. Vendor consolidation opportunities
  3. Analysing spend data and categorising suppliers
  4. Improving your VM processes
  5. Developing supplier scorecards

Public & Government ICT

Our consultants are fully versed in all of the structures within public procurement:

Framework Agreements, ESPO, Pro5, Catalyst, Buying Solutions, Central Buying Consortium, LPP , CPV codes, ERG, OGC gateway, MCAS, CITHS, Sprint ii, PASA. TED, OPOCE, BIS, EU procurement directives, due diligence, etc.

With all of the detailed steps within an OJEU process - Competitive dialogue, Restricted, Negotiated, Open procedure, ITPD, PQQ, etc. most economically advantageous tender, mini / further competition, MoU Memorandum of Understanding.


  • Running compliant OJEU processes - avoiding supplier challenges
  • Pressure to reduce costs
  • Limited resources


  • Find where your ICT suppliers are overcharging you
  • Avoid supplier challenges through compliant OJEU process
  • A clear and fair negotiation strategy to protect supplier relationships

We Will

  • Discuss, agree and document the correct OJEU procurement strategy for you
  • Ensure that you ask all the right questions of your suppliers before the contract is signed
  • Facilitate or support any of the key documents or phases, from PIN notices, PQQ's, ITT's, BAFO to the Alcatel period

Turnstone can support the evaluation and contracting phases with as much or as little resource as your team requires.

Client Quote

“Turnstone guided our inhouse team successfully through ENW’s first IT outsource under the OJEU regulations.

It was a difficult task, with many stakeholders from across the business, tight timescales and a complex project. Turnstone performed very well, providing key OJEU advice and commercial input, as well as hands on support.

They are not a typical consultancy - they worked alongside us and got their hands dirty, undertaking the workload of communication with all of the bidders.

Turnstone went on to help to ensure the winning deal was commercially favourable to ENW, negotiating appropriate service level terms and checking the schedules.
I would not hesitate to deploy them again on a similar exercise, they proved invaluable to our process."

Richard Hetherington
Head of Procurement
Electricity North West

Data Centre Services

One of our most popular services, we regularly help clients to contract more quickly, more safely and at market best rates


Interested in outsourcing but wary of the effort, or of the deal going wrong?


Faster progress, effective and reliable tendering documentation, with best cost and scalability built into your end contract

We Will

  • Provide ready to go documents, with expert help to build your requirements
  • Objectively evaluate the vendor offerings
  • Ensure cost controls and service clauses go into your end contract

Client Quote

“The results of the data outsourcing project have been pleasing for us in the IT function and also well received at board level.  Turnstone helped to lower the proposed lifetime costs by 23%, and introduced many commercial improvements to gain us a more favourable contract.

After Turnstone left, all the upfront work has certainly paid off. Costs were predictable, transition flowed smoothly; the scope has stayed tight. We hit every milestone and cost point accurately."         

Head of IT
National certification body

Cost Reduction Mid-Contract

You don't have to wait for contract renewal time in order to make improvements.
Turnstone can put together an agreed negotiation approach and engage directly with your vendor.
We regularly enhance existing contracts for our clients, please get in touch to find out more.


Unsure about any of your legacy or inherited contracts?


Cost reduction - average 26%, service improvements, less risk exposure

We Will

  • Renegotiate and re-draft your chosen contracts
  • Improve costs & service levels
  • Ensure contract fairness

Client Quote

“Appointing Turnstone to assist in the procurement process - was a great relief. Having some one who is dedicated to the task of getting the best deal for our company throughout the contract award/negotiation was a great idea, freeing me up to do my ‘day job’! Since the first successful project, we have continued to use Turnstone on other similar tasks.”

Ed Mitchell, DTZ

Cloud Security and Services

We provide expert knowledge around the key commercial considerations when buying into cloud services, across SaaS and IaaS.


Concerned about risk, security and the costings within a SaaS or IaaS purchase?


We have negotiated with many cloud providers and can provide 'what goods looks like'

We Will

  • Provide cost metrics
  • Review any commercial offers you have received against best practice
  • Negotiate safer contracts which better protect your position

Client Quote

“When Turnstone was first engaged, I was sceptical but the support offered throughout this process gave me great confidence.

The result for us is a robust contract which will ensure supplier performance. This is the tightest contract that we have ever signed”  

Head of IT Infrastructure
Global asset management bank

Contract Review

If you have a contract you'd like reviewed, our 90-point Contract MOT shows where you are exposed, and provides a renegotiation plan.
You can deploy a contract review mid term during a contract, no need to wait for renewal, or for a new contract you may be negotiating - do contact us to find out more.


Do you have many legacy IT contracts, but little time or resource to review them?

Or a new vendor contract that you'd like reviewed, beyond the usual legal focused approach?


- See your commercial risk exposures and vendor biased clauses

- Understand in plain English the impacts

- Gain a practical action plan of what can be done

We Will

  • Undertake a clause by clause analysis against our best practice yardstick
  • Present back your key risk exposures, categorised Red Amber Green
  • Draft a renegotiation plan to tackle these with the vendor

Client quote

“We were delighted with Turnstone’s careful approach to this critical supplier.

Firstly their ‘Contract MOT’ revealed the meaningful risk areas in the contract. More importantly, the subsequent negotiation plan initiated a successful mid-term renegotiation with the supplier.

Out of this we achieved several important improvements, which helped to secure our position and gain clarity on the cost”

Senior Vice President
Technology for EMEA
Global asset management bank


Novations and due diligence for mergers and acquisitions

M&A or demerger situations often trigger large amounts of IT contractual work - often more than the in house IT and legal functions can effectively cope with. We accelerate and assure the process with hands on support.


High workload of IT contracts to manage?

Unsure how to proceed?

Need rapid progress or working to immovable deadlines?


  • Release the cost synergies post merger
  • Turnstone are an economic 'on demand' resource
  • Re-negotiate and enhance your IT deals

We Will

  • Summarise your IT contract portfolio
  • Undertake contract novations
  • Consolidate similar contracts / vendors post merger

Client Quote

"Turnstone played a key role in preparing for the demerger of our organisation.  They worked closely with our in-house IT and Procurement teams, providing extra capability and expertise in contract novations. 

Their most valuable input, however, was in our commercial renegotiations.  They were able to reduce our budgeted expenditure on procurement to the extent that we were able to recover their fees several times over."

Nick Foster

CIO Land Securities

Cost Benchmarking or Virtual RFP

At Turnstone we have a vast amount of meaningful cost benchmark data:-
- actual data from countless tender exercises and re-negotiations

- using relationships with key suppliers to quickly get raw pricing


Unsure if a renewal offer is over priced?

Lacking the time or staff to check every commercial deal you have?


- Negotiation is easier when you know market costs

- Benchmarking reveals your savings opportunities

- The basis (and prep) for an informed decision to re-negotiate or to re-tender

 Client Quote

“We were in a unique situation where we didn’t have the typical customer-supplier relationship with our data centre provider.  

We also had a six year old contract that we knew needed to be renegotiated due to commercial risks and spiralling costs.

We deployed Turnstone to conduct a full contract review, compile a re-negotiation plan and benchmark our current costs.”        

FTSE 100 property development company

RFP & Tendering Support

Tendering drives competition, but can be time-consuming process. Our IT Procurement experts take on as much workload as you wish, to make it an easy process.

This means you get the best value for money (typical savings are 20% or more) and the best services, all in a watertight contract.


You and your team may be overstretched and too busy to stay on top of all your renewals, or need extra resource for a major tendering exercise.  .


Our team focuses on keeping your involvement to the key decision points, undertaking as much or as little of the workload as you need.  We accelerate the process, to give you the latest market options to make an informed decision. And you get the best commercial contract with the winning supplier - flexible, future-proofed and cost-effective, in the timescales that you need.

We Will

  • Produce all tender documentation
  • Deal with all the suppliers on your behalf
  • Evaluate and score bidder responses
  • Negotiate the best possible commercial terms for you
  • Ensure that your end contract is appropriate for both your current and future needs

Client Quote

"We were able to negotiate pretty good prices and terms ourselves, however we’ve been able to secure better prices and terms having deployed Turnstone. As a result we can control our suppliers better.”

Steven Robson
CFO, Silja Line

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