IT Commercial Training and Strategy

  IT Commercial Training and Strategy

In today's market, your capability and bandwidth for commercial IT negotiations are increasingly important. Embracing IT Procurement is the next evolutionary step for IT functions. We offer direct support or staff training in this key area.

Whether you have moved from a technical to a business focus, addressed ITIL, project management or outsourcing, the services below will develop your commercial capabilities.

Services Description
1. Procurement Courses >>

1. Commercial IT Skills Builder

2. IT Supplier Negotiation Skills

3. IT Outsourcing

4. Advanced Software Procurement

5. IT Supplier Management

2. Vendor Management >>

Most organisations have a portfolio of IT suppliers and it takes time to manage them all.
With IT contracts often being mission critical or high cost, more organisations are addressing how they manage their vendors.

3. IT Procurement Strategy - Design >>

How your organisation engages with and manages it's third party IT suppliers is becoming ever more important.

With IT delivery fundamental to most business, securing a reliable supply is key, yet few companies have effective IT procurement organisations in place.

We look at your current IT Procurement strategy and processes, highlight the areas for change and then work with you to develop the new processes.

4. Novations and due diligence for mergers and acquisitions >>

M&A or demerger situations often trigger large amounts of IT contractual work - often more than the existing IT and legal functions can effectively cope with. We accelerate and assure the process with hands on support.