Contract MOT review

Wider than a purely legal review, we cover the service and commercial terms that count.

So at renewal time, or before signing with a new supplier, MOT͛’s help ensure you get a strong contract, not any nasty surprises.

Clause level analysis compares current wording of your contract against industry best practise, to reveal the gaps.

Our findings are clearly graded red, amber or green and presented in plain English, all inside one week.

Past Results

Contracts always favour the supplier, even after legal have reviewed it.

Our MOT͛s usually find 5 to 10 red ͚showstopper͛ issues, to resolve before you sign.

Our report includes an example of a renegotiation plan, plus some model wording to resolve one of the reds, all as a start of a practical action plan of what can be done.

Where to start? Easy, you send us the contractual documents, we review them, and two weeks later we take you through the outputs.

Do contact us for pricing.