Vendor Management Aide

Our clients often have enough IT and telecoms suppliers that managing them all adds up to quite a workload.

Sometimes they delegate out the ongoing management of vendors to IT staff, but find it doesn’t always work.

Our experts work part time alongside your team, to ensure the right actions happen at the right time. And it’ s not just good housekeeping – but also an ITIL best practice.


1. Do you have any IT contracts that have auto-renewed without review?

2. You would benefit from knowing a supplier’s roadmap?

3. You frequently have to micro-manage a relationship?

4. Contracts get forgotten about once signed?

5. Corporate pressure for better risk management and compliance?

If you’ve answered yes more than once, then our part time VM service could be for you.

It’s a good alternative to hiring dedicated FTE’s, flexing up and down with your workload.

  • Never miss a renewal, with a proactive annual program
  • Drive service excellence from your suppliers and harness innovation
  • Ensure supplier performance does not drop
  • Uncover risks in your supplier contracts
  • Control costs and deliver savings directly to the bottom line

Contact us to see an example commercial calendar and how it could work for you.