For clients interested in a new MSP, adopting more cloud services, network and connectivity solutions, or Security-as-a-Service, and who want to get straight to the vendors that will suit them, Turnstone provide a unique no-cost solution.

Our experts run one technical workshop, to understand your requirements and future direction.

The immediate output of this workshop is a shortlist of suppliers, who will be the best fit in the marketplace to your requirements.

This is based on an extensive database and deep knowledge of all the vendors, for the particular technology area you are interested in.

So you get immediate visibility of the best vendors, to begin your selection process.

This is done gratis, without any upfront fees. We are remunerated by the vendors themselves, if you choose to engage one of our suggestions. Gaining a list of direct vendor recommendations is faster than a traditional RFP process, and saves you a lot of vendor research.

We demystify the cloud marketplace

Have you ever partnered with an IT provider only to find the service falls short of the promises made during the sales process?

Our team have all had experience working for or with MSPs and IT vendors whose need for new sales far exceeds their focus on customer support and customer satisfaction. We have observed first-hand just how much frustration this causes for many customers.

So we spend a great deal of our time investigating vendors, understanding where and why they are strong, where they differentiate, what value they bring, how happy their clients are and what their best-fit client looks like. We do this to appreciate where they will be most effective, but also and crucially where they will not be.

Do get in touch for an exploratory conversation on your future plans and requirements.