Many organisations have completed their GDPR programmes, using a mix of internal and sometimes external resources…but have they achieved, and critically can they maintain, compliance?

Turnstone run a stress test against what has been achieved, to give an objective score on the current level of compliance, across the full breadth of all GDPR areas.

We produce a report in plain English that clearly highlights any vulnerabilities, plus the action plan to address them.

Undertaking a test gives our clients the reassurance they require, with the approach to enhance or maintain their compliance.

We can also assist with fixing any gaps, with clients turning to us for:-

  • completing the mandatory RoPA document (Record of Processing Activities)
  • access to our library of model policies
  • ongoing staff training programmes

We do see clients that have tackled some areas but not others, or who have had much expensive input from law firms but have found it to be ‘boilerplate’ rather than appropriate for their needs.

Do get in touch if you’d like to arrange your stress test.