Security as-a-Service (Secaas)

Outsourcing more elements of security is a growing trend, with many IT departments moving to a 24×7 capability to secure their businesses. The advent of large-scale homeworking may increase the attractiveness of using a third party to assist with some or all of the extra security workload.

Suppliers: Secureworks, DXC, Securedata, NTT Security, Getronics, Orange, ITC, Ultima, Trustwave, Redscan, Nettitude
Note: suppliers shown in bold support the MS Azure Sentinel platform.

Scope areas to consider:

  1. The SoC (Security Operation Centre)
  2. Network security & patching
  3. SIEM and log feeds / MDR
    (SIEM= Security Information and Event Management, MDR = Managed Detection& Response)
  4. Firewall management
  5. Threat sensors (in the data centre, in cloud platforms and office based applications)
  6. Email security and archiving
  7. Network and Web access control
  8. End point protection
  9. Mobile device management
  10. Penetration testing


  1. Decide which of the 10 areas are in your ‘basket of goods’ to get quotes for, as this will influence which suppliers to approach.
  2. Assemble any technical constraints which suppliers must adhere to, and those that are more optional. Tip: try avoid being overly prescriptive at the technology level where possible, and state the business requirement.
  3. The art is not allowing dependencies and constraints to put a full stop on progress, rather to include them as high level factors. For instance, if you’re changing infrastructure e.g. to Azure or AWS, ask bidders to state how they inter-operate with these.
  4. Shortcut lengthy RFP processes by adopting an agile sourcing approach, using key scenarios and supplier workshops, alongside the appropriate degree of commercial control. This avoids a rushed purchase, allowing you to control diligence vs speed during these testing times.

Example Detailed Requirements
• Proactive / passive monitoring of managed Security Operations Devices (availability, CPU utilization performance and capacity)
• Security Perimeter requirements (Firewalls and Load Balancers, 2FA, Web & Network Security, Security Auditing tools)
• Need resilient connection to your 3rd party MPLS network?
• Will the supplier allow the client to retain token administration?
• Security service appliances and vulnerability monitoring?

News: Some providers are allowing customers to run trials of multi factor authentication solutions, and open DNS for 30 days.

Final Comment: Turnstone can accelerate your approach to market, with model requirements, scenarios and supplier contacts if you have an urgent requirement.

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