About Us

We provide commercial services to support clients with their IT sourcing, and technical services for IT due diligence and IT applications review.

Turnstone’s co-founders are ex PwC IT consultants and CIPS qualified IT sourcing procurement experts.
Starting out in 2006 Turnstone was born, with a unique offering that combines technical consultancy with commercial and sourcing expertise.

Clients welcome the dual capability to augment their team, with so many modern projects spanning both areas of expertise.

Our Key Values
1. “Well done is better than well said”
2. Understanding of the pressures of running or buying an IT function
3. Practical input for clients, not just powerpoint


IT Commercial

Turnstone have detailed knowledge of the market intricacies around sourcing, negotiating and contracting in every area of IT and telecoms spend. The most popular areas we get engaged in are:

  • MSP managed service providers
  • Key software applications (line of business apps, ERP, CRM)
  • Cloud deployment – SaaS and IaaS
  • Secaas security as a service
  • Mobiles and telephony


Our IT experts are experienced CIO’s and IT due diligence practitioners, with a wide array of technology and sector experience. Used to working on a project basis, we deploy the right resource for your needs.

Technology areas we cover include: Azure and cloud deployment, MS Dynamics, SAP implementation / consolidation, Middleware, assessment of existing IT apps, O365 and Lotus Notes migration, Digital review, ITIL, WAN, Power BI, JIRA & VSTS

Turnstone by Numbers

  • Mid term negotiations save 10 to 20% off your current pricing
  • Agile sourcing or RFP’s as a service, save an average 40%, and guarantee the best solution and strongest terms
  • Over 60 years worth of IT DD experience
  • Contract negotiations with over 500 technology suppliers
  • A bench of 30+ experts

Popular Projects

  • Agile sourcing or Managed RFP’s for new technology / provider selection
  • IT due diligence – a 360 view that includes the technical, people and commercial angles
  • Existing contracts: Cost saving and resolving operational vulnerabilities hidden in contracts
  • IT applications review – fit for purpose, fit for the future? (Often a pre cursor to a market approach)
  • Contract MOTs – wider than legal review – detailed analysis of commercial, service and legal elements


Our procurement consultancy experts are members of CIPS (the Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply), with over 10 years of IT and Telecom sourcing experience. We understand all the elements that go into establishing a successful IT supplier service, backed by extensive Turnstone methodology and knowledge inside each type of technology deal. Our experts also speak plain English, with a pragmatic approach to suit your situation.

We employ based on merit and skills, with a diverse workforce drawn from different backgrounds. We set a high bar to work for Turnstone, where not only the right qualifications and IT sourcing experience are required, but also the right soft skills to communicate effectively with client teams and build relationships.

Do contact us if you are interested in joining the team, on 0207 788 4745. We offer a flexible package of benefits.

Five Reasons To Work With Us

  1. Market insights – you want to get straight to the best vendors and know the landscape
  2. IT due diligence – you want the technical depth covered, plus the key commercial and GDPR exposures
  3. You’re busy, and have a major renewal or sourcing project coming up
  4. You would like a review of current IT, to gain a roadmap for the future
  5. You want the best SLA’s and pricing in your contract, not just the legalities sorted

We typically slot into the IT or Procurement teams at clients, working harmoniously alongside the CIO, CPO or CFO team.

Client organisations are generally in the £25m-£400m turnover range.

Do contact us to discuss the positive experience that all our clients have with Turnstone’s input.