We run a lean IT operation and are keen to do more but don’t need resources on a full time basis. That’s why Turnstone’s ‘on-demand’ support was appealing and fulfilled a real need. Kevin Braysher, CIO of Lane Clark Peacock

Repeatedly saving money, valuable time and improving our clients’ contractual positions.

Running market tenders, selecting suppliers and negotiating can be complicated, with high stakes.

But our CIPS qualified IT sourcing specialists make it easy and safe, with three options to choose from:

  1. RFP Lite – where we provide you with the essentials to run a strong process, typically with a model RFP and then negotiation/ drafting with the winner
  2. RFP Standard – we create the RFP with you, suggest bidders, evaluate bids and negotiate and redraft with the winner. All the heavy lifting but you stay in control
  3. Virtual RFP – Unsure if vendors are overcharging you? No time to run a full RFP? Shielding you from sales people, we gain custom benchmarks quickly

Common across all options is speed, effort saving and cost reduction through professional negotiators.

Major technology purchases are infrequent for most companies – we do it day in day out as our main specialism.

It’s worth deploying professional help to round out your IT, legal and procurement capabilities.

What kind of projects do we help with?

Cloud, MSP’s, IT outsourcing, mobiles, key business software, security as a service, network (WAN / SDWAN) or mobiles are all common client projects for us, with many successful case studies.

When and why do clients use us?

Not because they can’t do it themselves, rather:-

  1. For our market intel – we save at least 30% on cost
  2. For speed – ready made RFP documents, and bidder research
  3. To strengthen your contractual position where it really counts, for BAU and monthly performance

More and more clients are taking advantage of our unique managed RFP services. 

Do get in touch to explore how we can do this with you for your next market approach.