July 2019: Turnstone completed a contract MOT that led to £17K saving p.a 25% actual saving for a software development company.

Apr 2019: Turnstone complete an RFP for Managed Detection & Response (MDR) / SIEM (Security information and Event Management) service. A burgeoning area of the market, for a client who wished to move the service out to a third party, for 24×7 operation.

Mar 2019: Turnstone assist Simmons&Simmons law firm in outsourcing a key IT service:-

“When we decided to buy a new managed service, it was important that we could run a thorough selection process. Turnstone made it easy and their consultant instilled confidence. They worked well with our team and took on the workload of creating a robust RFP and selection of the best bidders. I’m confident that we not only made the right choice of supplier, but also now have comprehensive SLAs and safer contract terms. We’d certainly consider using Turnstone again on key IT contracts.”

Rob Morgan, Head of IT Infrastructure

August 2018: Turnstone start work with a well known high street retailer, on an RFP process to select new CRM / Customer Experience technology, to rationalise and improve their current mix of point solutions.

July 2018: Turnstone move to the next phase with a major national rail organisation, to select the providers on a major technology refresh, covering website content, CRM, middleware and systems integration.

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