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Turnstone support clients who are buying major software, telecoms or IT services, such as managed security outsourcing, CRM or a new managed service provider (MSP).

We make the RFP process easy and effective, or review / redraft supplier contracts in your favour.

What Our Clients Say

Chubb Insurance – Software Contract Review
Chris Brown, CIO

“We were delighted with Turnstone’s careful approach to this critical supplier. Firstly their ‘Contract MOT’ revealed the meaningful risk areas in the contract. More importantly, the subsequent negotiation plan initiated a successful renegotiation with the supplier. Out of this we achieved several important improvements, which helped to secure our position and gain clarity on the cost”

Hydrogen – Global WAN as IaaS
Amber Hayat, Head of IT

“When Turnstone was first engaged I was sceptical but the support offered throughout this process gave me great confidence. The results for Hydrogen are a robust contract which will ensure improved supplier performance. This is the tightest contract that Hydrogen has ever signed.”

LGC (Lab of Government Chemist) – WAN Market Tender
Bob Alabaster, Head of Procurement Services

“Turnstone delivered a classic procurement exercise which was well-run and well-managed. Overall it was well executed and improved synergy between procurement and IT objectives-a harmonisation was achieved between technical demands and business needs”

LCP (Lane, Clark & Peacock) – Mobiles RFP
Kevin Braysher

“We run a lean IT operation and are keen to do more but don’t need resources on a full time basis. That’s why Turnstone’s ‘on-demand’ support was appealing and fulfilled a real need. They streamlined a complex and difficult decision and transition process.

Overall very good-Turnstone negotiated hard on our behalf and their legal help was greatly appreciated. The negotiating side of things made our life a lot easier. The mobile landscape moves so quickly and is so complicated it made sense to work with people that are skilled negotiators.”

Noonan – IT Benchmarking & IT Strategy
Toman MacGinley, CIO

“Turnstone undertook an IT departmental benchmarking exercise, and compared us against our peers which gave us a valuable business case to resource up our department and dramatically improve service delivery. Adopting the recommendations from this interaction, Noonan IT have implemented the ITIL framework and all internal processes are being re-aligned with this.Turnstone offer a very interactive and vendor-neutral sounding board – we have already engaged them to collaborate with us on several other projects.”

Dixons Retail Plc – Re negotiating an IT Outsource Agreement
David Chapman, Senior Category Manager

“Turnstone delivered a professional and committed service to provide support for contract renegotiations with our incumbent outsourced IT services provider. They demonstrated a high degree of subject matter expertise, which provided us with clear commercial benchmarking and strengthened our negotiation leverage. They were able to demonstrate best practice resulting in lower costs, an improved service level agreement and contract flexibility.”

Hydrogen – CRM software negotiations
Matt Hill, Head of Business Change

“Turnstone negotiated on costs and parts of the contract that wouldn’t have occurred to us. In this way they were able to add value many times in excess of their fees”

Control Risks – HR Information System
Elliot Daly, Head of Applications

“Turnstone were instrumental not only in securing significant cost savings but also in shifting the balance of risk significantly away from us the customer to the supplier in the contract that was agreed.”

Land Securities – Commercial Training
Wendy Antaw, IS Programme Manager

“Turnstone ran a customised course for our IT managers, aimed at increasing their commercial and contractual skills, to enable them to deal more effectively with our portfolio of IT vendors.I am confident my team is now more commercially skilled. The course was lively with a good blend of theory and practical examples from our own vendor portfolio. I fully expect the investment to more than pay off over the year – a small improvement in our approach to our IT vendors, may well realise large improvements.”

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