Virtual RFP / Cost Benchmarking

Unsure if vendors are overcharging you? No time to run a full RFP?
Superior to ‘off the shelf’ benchmarks, our virtual RFP rapidly obtains customised benchmarks to your requirements.

Typically our clients use us before a big renewal or before doing an RFP.

We check your current costs and provide you with the latest market rates.

  • Unsure if vendors are overcharging you?
  • Lacking the time or staff to check older IT supplier agreements?


  • Negotiation is easier when you know market costs
  • Market intel to make an informed choice between re-negotiation or running an RFP
  • See your savings opportunities

Commonly benchmarked

  1.  WAN
  2.  Hosting
  3.  Data Centre
  4.  Professional services day rates
  5.  Mobile phones
  6.  MFDs /Print management

Get in touch to discuss which areas you’d like analysed and to see how easy the process is.