Technology Sourcing

Wouldn’t it be good to have a professionally qualified negotiator on your side?
Our experts re-negotiate existing contracts mid-term, with regular success.

“We do this ourselves, why use help?” Turnstone respect that many clients do, but can welcome expert resource.
We run agile and lean sourcing processes, to quickly evaluate the market and choose the best supplier, then negotiate strong SLA's and lowest costs.

Popular projects are a new MSP, Secaas, CRM, Mobiles or SDWAN.

A wider-than-legal, detailed review of an important IT or telecoms contract.
Clause level analysis shows you the red flags, before you sign.
MOTs are quick and good value, providing an authoritative start for negotiations.

Gain firmer control of your top IT suppliers and their contracts. More than housekeeping, we find the red flags before they strike, helping you adhere with ITIL best practice .

Unsure if vendors are overcharging you?
No time to run a full RFP?

Superior to ‘off the shelf’ benchmarks, our virtual RFP rapidly obtains cost benchmarking to your requirements.

Practical help to quickly build the documents and process you need, plus IT procurement courses that equip delegates to control IT suppliers more effectively.

Our part time flexible service ensures your supplier renewals, SLA's and costs stay on track right across your portfolio of IT and telco suppliers.

IT Consultancy

Whether the goals are business growth, better MI or due diligence, Turnstone’s 9 point assessment gives you the baseline and the roadmap.

An independent stress test for compliance across all areas of GDPR, reporting an objective score, plus any key gaps.

“How should our business evolve in an increasingly digital world?”
Are new customer expectations, new technologies and new business models a disruptive challenge?
Or an opportunity to innovate and gain competitive advantage?

Going beyond a technical description of what’s present, we analyse the commercial and staffing issues that count. This provides clear intel pre-purchase, and actionable plans post acquisition.

Business Analysis
Process Mapping
Project Assurance
Change Management

The right help to mobilise or manage your IT project

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