Searching For Experts In Agile Sourcing?

Do you need a legal review of the terms offered by your IT supplier? Or are you interested in the benefits of Agile sourcing?

Turnstone Services Ltd helps companies to get the best possible value from their IT products and services.

While RFP used to be the favoured way to choose suppliers, Agile sourcing is rapidly becoming the most popular process. It’s not only faster but more bespoke and means avoiding a large number of huge bid response documents.

Other benefits include added momentum, making it easier to get your business engaged with its IT services.  You can find out more about the advantages of choosing Agile sourcing on our blog.

This is just one of the many IT procurement solutions we offer at Turnstone Services Ltd. We have a deep understanding of the pressures of running an IT function. That’s why we’re committed to making your life easier.

We believe in providing practical solutions for our clients, with our popular areas including MSP managed service providers / DC data centre, key software applications (line of business apps, ERP, CRM), WAN and SDWAN, Secaas security as a service, and mobiles/telephony

If you need more information on agile sourcing, discover more about Turnstone Services and what we offer today. Or simply get in touch for more information.