Agile Sourcing for IT Suppliers

"We run a lean IT operation and are keen to do more but don't need resources on a full time basis. That's why Turnstone's 'on-demand' support was appealing and fulfilled a real need." Kevin Braysher, CIO of Lane Clark Peacock

We do this ourselves – why use help?” Turnstone respect that every client does, but can welcome expert resource.
Major technology purchases are infrequent for most clients – we do this all the time.

Two main choices:

  1. An Agile Sourcing process, using scenarios and workshops, for earlier supplier engagement and shortlisting, or
  2. A Lean RFP, starting with our model requirements (specific to each area of IT), pre-built RFP’s and key T&C’s

We make it easy to run the best market selection for your needs, and save you money.

Popular areas of IT we assist with
Managed Service Providers (MSP’s), Secaas (Security as a Service), Business Software (CRM, ERP, HR and more), Data Centres, Mobiles and Wide Area Network (WAN/ SDWAN).

When and why do clients use us?

Not because they can’t do it themselves, rather:-

  1. For our market intel and bidder suggestions
  2. For speed and workload support
  3. For objectivity in evaluation
  4. To negotiate the best costs
  5. To gain best SLA’s and an ‘operationally useful’ contract / set of schedules

More and more clients are taking advantage of our unique service.

Please view our track record – repeatedly saving money, valuable time and improving our clients’ contractual positions.