Running RFP’s & IT supplier selection

Running market tenders, selecting suppliers and negotiating can be a lot of work.
But our CIPS qualified professional sourcing specialists make it easy:–

  • Faster with ready made RFP’s, customised to your requirements
  • Market intel to help evaluate supplier bids
  • Negotiation on costs and drafting good SLA’s

What kind of projects do we help with?

Cloud, data centres, IT outsourcing, mobiles, key software, wide area network (WAN), hosting or DR.
Our consultants help clients select & negotiate for these services.

When and why do clients use us?

Not because they can’t do it themselves, rather:-

  1. For our market intel
  2. As an external reviewer of requirements
  3. For speed e.g. workshop based short listing, with early supplier engagement
  4. Audit trail of procurement process
  5. To save money and use our bank of IT contractual knowledge and negotiating skill

Major technology purchases are infrequent for most companies – it’s worth deploying professional help to round out your IT, legal and procurement capabilities.

More and more clients are taking advantage of our unique service.

Please view our track record – repeatedly saving money, valuable time and improving our clients’contractual positions.

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