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London, December 2015

 Mobile Telephony Market Review

Turnstone has recently assisted a leading, city-based consultancy renowned for quality and innovation.  Specialising in pensions, investment and business consulting, the client estate was diverse with over 300 mobile devices. A significant ‘red flag’ was the convoluted and chaotic nature of the telephony contracts, which involved two networks and two management companies.

Turnstone supported a thorough market evaluation and were able to spearhead a process of consolidation. The new supplier provides a greater degree of flexibility,  significant cost saving/commercial benefits and a far better contractual protection client-side.

Market Intel at a Glance

  • Cost saving
  • Unlimited UK call and texts
  • 16GB for price of 8GB
  • Latest solution on remote wipe
  • BYOD options established
  • Pooled data allowance

Turnstone Benchmark a Big IT Deal

Turnstone worked for a major European financial organisation, who for confidentiality reasons cannot be named but suffice to say are top tier ranking. The client was dissatisfied with their existing vendor in terms of quality and cost.

Overall the benchmark revealed costs were around 30% higher than market rate.  In addition, whilst the basic SLA’s were being met, real world operational reliability was poor and the client has since elected to go out to market for alternative suppliers.

Wan RFP for International Life Sciences Company

The client is an international life sciences and measurement company, focused on sustainable growth markets. Turnstone are supporting a WAN RFP to consolidate a patchwork of local arrangements to suit the overall organization.

 Turnstone consultant Tom Giblenn achieved a greater degree of synergy between the IT and Procurement departments.

“Overall very good with a clear linkage between technical and commercial strands. In fact we had a bit of a light bulb moment, in terms of strategy and approach which engaged a broader audience-this was a good example of how a structured approach can lead to a stronger outcome for LGC. ”  Head of Procurement

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