At a glance

  • £283K cash incentive for a 3- year contract
  • £155k worth of free kit
  • 11% reduction in call rates
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Mobile Phone Retender


Confidential - national standards institute

The client is a national institute - a leading global provider of standards, management systems, business improvement and regulatory approval information.

The client had an estate comprising of 700 handsets, including Blackberry’s, through an externally hosted Blackberry Enterprise Server.


The mobile phone services contract had already expired. In addition, the client wished to replace 400 of the handsets with Blackberry’s.

Key Business Benefits:


Cost savings:

1. 11% saving on the UK and international call rates (including roaming), worth £138k over 3 years
2. Large cash incentive and hardware fund for a 3-year contract
3. Blackberry line rental reduced from £28 to £14 per month
4. Reduction in unit cost of 3G; sims from £18.00 to £12.77 per month

Commercial benefits:

1. Free sims and low monthly charges
2. No charges for voice mail retrieval
3. Improved contractual terms: warranty period of 24 months for all kit
4. Termination costs to cover only direct losses and not full contract value of £920k

The Turnstone Approach:

Turnstone experts undertook a market tender and an evaluation process with ten providers, who were assessed on a balance of cost and quality criteria.

The two finalists went through to the negotiation and contracting stage, as a result of a highly competitive bidding process. 

Turnstone created the final contract, in coordination with the client’s legal team and the vendor, through to the final signature.

“Turnstone brought good management of the process from start to finish. It’s the kind of project that if we’d started internally, it would probably still be going on now.

As well as taking all the vendor evaluation work away, Turnstone also trapped and fixed several contractual issues with the winning vendor.“

Head of IT & Business Integration