At a glance

  • 35% - £203k p.a. saving
  • £192k worth of free service improvements
  • Powerful MIS for mobile costs
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Mobile Phone Tender Process and e-Auction


Lloyds Register

The Lloyd's Register Group is a maritime classification society and independent risk management organisation providing risk assessment and mitigation services and management systems certification around the world.


The company required a tender of its mobile phone service, as the incumbent vendor were not providing the expected level of service.

Turnstone ran a tendering exercise to assess value for money and to explore the latest technology options. 

Key Business Benefits:


Cost saving:

The e-auction produced 35% saving (£203k p.a.), which the successful vendor provided as a lump sum upon signature.

Commercial benefits:

The key service improvements included:

  • 1,350 voice and Blackberry handsets refreshed for free, worth £173k
  • Free installation of in-building signal boosting, worth £15k
  • Tiered discounts when adding European volumes, worth £4k
  • MIS allowing the import of mobile and fixed line costs from any provider around the world, to provide centralised telecoms cost reporting

Turnstone consultants also negotiated contractual improvements including:

  • Co-terminus of all devices during the contract term
  • Higher supplier liability caps
  • Improved payment terms
The Turnstone Approach:

 A structured tender, including an e-auction allowed the Turnstone team of experts to drive the lowest market pricing. 

Turnstone undertook all of the tendering and evaluation workload with suppliers, providing full requirements scoring. 

Strong contractual negotiations were conducted to ensure that all the agreed points from tendering were included in the contract.

The initial drafting of requirements was done to receive comparable answers from the market, and for suitability to include in the final contract.