At a glance

“Course was pitched at a good level, and a small group enabled it to be adapted to meet needs” - Commercial Manager, Tube Lines Ltd

 “Very informative” - IT Manager, Iomart Hosting

 “Very good course, I definitely recommend it.” - Commercial Manager, EMI 

“Crammed a lot into one day – good” - IT Commercial Manager, MOD DES

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Public IT Procurement Training Courses


Procurement staff often struggle to find courses to give practical, pragmatic guidance in how to buy various aspects of IT.  It is a complex category, with few procurement courses tailored to IT, and fewer IT courses tailored to the commercial aspects of buying it.  The most common complaints are:

  • Only generalist procurement courses available
  • Little guidance on which elements of IT contracts should be negotiable, and by how much
  • Trainers often do not have relevant, real-life experience to draw on
Key Business Benefits:


  1. Small group classes (6-10 delegates) to encourage discussion
  2. Delegates are encouraged to air current commercial challenges for tips on resolution
  3. Trainers are our IT procurement consultants, who give real life examples
  4. Common tactics and sales techniques of key IT suppliers are explored
  5. Courses are designed to give pragmatic tips on best IT negotiation points for each category
  6. All procurement processes are discussed from an IT perspective
The Turnstone Approach:

Turnstone courses are tailored specifically to buying IT goods and services, and delivered by our IT procurement consultants, who all have 10 years or more field experience.