Combining technical and commercial due diligence, our unique approach goes beyond standard IT DD.
We assess the key areas of IT, plus a red flags check on key IT supplier contracts, plus benchmarking intel, plus a review of IT related GDPR compliance.

This provides a 360 view of all the areas that count.

Our experts have an investigative style to surface all the issues, and provide practical outputs in plain English, along with the technical detail and back up. 

Areas Covered

  1. Are any of the acquisition objectives technology dependent?
  2. What technical debt is there with the current IT estate?
  3. Do applications and infrastructure support growth, or constrain it?
  4. What skills do the current IT team have?
  5. How is the cost break down and performance against budget?
  6. Is Security and Data Protection well covered?
  7. Red flags analysis in key IT supplier contracts
  8. Potential for outsourcing with real market benchmarks
  9. Are the IT elements to GDPR covered or is it boilerplate?

We provide estimates of the effort/cost/timescales to resolve the key issues, along with a draft TSA where appropriate.

Do contact us for pricing, timescales or an example of our due diligence report.