IT Cost and Risk Assessment

  IT Cost and Risk Assessment

Unearthing your hidden savings...

...or a contract benchmark are popular starting points.

Services Description
1. Contract Review >>

If you have a contract you'd like reviewed, our 90-point Contract MOT shows where you are exposed, and provides a renegotiation plan.
You can deploy a contract review mid term during a contract, no need to wait for renewal, or for a new contract you may be negotiating - do contact us to find out more.

2. Cyber Security 360 review >>

An assessment of all security technology, processes and third parties, using the Turstone methodology to evaluate and score compared to best practice.

3. Cost Benchmarking or Virtual RFP >>

Are you paying too much for your current IT goods and services?
Or concerned about a renewal offer from an incumbent supplier?

4. Top 20 IT contracts review >>

A wider than legal review and search for key clauses in your top IT contracts

5. Project Assurance >>

An external pair of eyes to regularly review progress on large IT delivery projects.