Supplier Negotiations

Over 40% of the IT contracts we review are seriously deficient in 10 or more critical areas. And these aren’t just the legal areas which lawyers specialise in, they’re the operationally important areas which make a supplier easier to control and manage.

Typical Challenges

Some clients just renew their contracts because:-

  • They’re too busy
  • They missed an auto-renewal
  • Would like to re-negotiate but lack the market experience
  • Don’t think the supplier will negotiate
  • Would like to re-negotiate but don’t want to upset a good working relationship

Our professional negotiators identify the problem areas, build a negotiation plan (with you) and re draft clauses to improve your position, using our library of best practice IT contract wording.

Skilled in the art and science of negotiation and diplomacy, we adopt the approach you wish in your particular supplier situation. Some clients prefer Turnstone to lead negotiations to preserve their working relationship with the supplier, others prefer us to work in the background. If you have a legal function, we commonly co-work with the lawyers.

If the contract is important, this is a prudent exercise to ensure the best contractual position and best savings.  Do get in touch to find out more about our long track record of helping clients gain savings and safer contractual positions.