Wouldn’t it be good to have a professionally qualified negotiator on your side?

IT and telecoms contracts are complex, with terms covering legalservice and commercial areas.

Our professional negotiators (CIPS qualified) identify the key areas to improve, build a negotiation plan with you, and then engage with your supplier to resolve them.

We get hands on to re-draft clauses, using our library of best practice IT contract wording and wide market experience.

It’s this precision wording, and knowledge of the ‘art of the possible’ that enables us to strengthen your position, and gain you a more operationally useful contract.

Typically we save 10 to 30% on cost, bringing our market knowledge to bear.


Some clients prefer Turnstone to lead negotiations to preserve their working relationship with the supplier, others prefer us to work in the background.

If you have a legal function, we commonly co-work with the lawyers.


If the deal is important, this is a prudent exercise to ensure the best contractual position and best savings.

Do get in touch to find out more about our long track record of helping clients.